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Is it obligatory to accept the lender’s offer?

There is no any obligation to accept the third party lender’s offer of a mortgage loan. In case you accept the offer be ready to pay some fee, but only the credit report fee. As soon as you get your federally required disclosures from the loan provider and agreed to proceed with borrowing means, you can be required to cover the loan costs.

How much does the service cost?

To register on Interestratesmortgageloans.com is completely free as well as the services of the company for the consumers. InterestRatesMortgageLoans has no relation to the government or any of the cooperating lenders and is not supported by any of them. Since the Company is not a mortgage loans provider, no fees or interests are presupposed. Interestratesmortgageloans company helps the interested consumers to be matched with the third party lenders, providing home loans and able to meet the customer’s requirements. In case you get approval from a lender, keep in mind that rates and fees of all lenders are different, so find out all the details of your mortgage loan (interest rate, fees, costs, penalties) from the lender you’ve chosen. The lender cannot require any fees or “insurance" payments from you before the application is completed.

Can you guarantee the approval of mortgage financing?

We cannot provide such guarantees as our company is neither a lender nor a broker or agent of the loan providing institutions and does not make or influence credit decisions. Independent third party lenders are the only bodies establishing and maintaining the approval standards.

What if my mortgage financing application is denied by a lender?

Interestratesmortgageloans.com is not a lender and is not responsible for credit decisions. In case your mortgage application is denied, the lender should provide you with the specific explanations, or at least inform you that you have the right to know the reasons.

What information is needed for InterestRatesMortgageLoans.com’s services registration?

The applicant must provide personal details: name, age, posting address, contact details, home ownership status (in cases when applicable you should specify property type and estimated home value), your credit rating is also required. Interestratesmortgageloans.com guarantees not to share your personal and financial data except in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the company.

Is the information submitted on the site an application for a loan?

The information, which the customers submit on the site is neiter an application for a loan, nor a request for pre-qualification. The details you providde are just a request for us to match you with one or more representatives of our network of independent cooperating third party lenders.

Will cooperating lenders make a credit check and what are the consequences?

The third party lenders we cooperate with may check, without limitation, your numbers of social security policy and driver's license as well as any other qualifying identification and request your credit report from one of the credit reporting bureaus to find out your credit worthiness, standing and/or capacity. Keep in mind that multiple inquiries on the 3 national databases (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian) can cause a lowered credit score. Providing your details, you agree to allow third party lenders to perform checking as described in their policies and terms.

Is fair lending lawful?

Definitely. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act as well as the Fair Housing Act forbids loan providers discriminating on the basis of age, color, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, and way of income (in cases with income coming partially from public assistance programs). Consequently, you should not be refused a loan because of all these characteristics and charged more for a mortgage or proposed less-favorable conditions due to some of them.

What questions are to be found out with the lender?

It is illegal on part of the lender to misrepresent, either on purpose or not, any aspect of its services. Put your lender a lot of questions, find out how long a fixed rate will be fixed for, under what circumstances your fees, rate and payments can be changed, what is the difference between payment rate and interest rate, if there are rates applicable only for an introductory period, whether your possible mortgage involves negative amortization, whether the proposal is for an interest-only loan, how much time needed to get the promoted mortgage relief, if the loan provider is affiliated with the government or public programs, applicable terms, conditions, refund and cancellation policies, total costs included.

What if my credit is far from being perfect?

Participating lenders from our network often deal with the applicants whose credit is less-than-perfect. Still our company cannot guarantee you will get a loan offer. Nevertheless, we will do our best to match your mortgage loan request with independent third party service providers who may be eager to deal with you.