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Material Disclosure

The operator of the present site assists the interested consumers in matching them with independent, third party loan providers which make conditional credit offers. The personal and financial data shared by the consumers on this site will be shared with one or more cooperating lenders as the Company’s service is only administrative. The operator of the present site is neither a lender nor a loan provider, as well as not a broker, agent nor representative of a certain credit institution. The Company does not provide loans or makes loan commitments, consequently has nothing to do with the rates on loans. The present site does not comprise an offer or proposition to lend and the data provided by the consumers is not a request for mortgage funding. The operator is not linked to the government and this facility is not sanctioned or funded by the government or any cooperating lender.

Participating Lenders are free to make credit checks through reporting bureaus or get consumer reports from alternative providers. A fee equivalent to the cost of such credit check as well as of consumer report or another kind of inquiry may be required by the cooperating lenders, who establish certain loan underwriting and approval standards of their own. Consequently, the Company cannot guarantee that the consumer will be matched with a participating Lender, will be provided a mortgage loan quote from, or included in some kind of particular mortgage loan contract. Different lenders provide different loan offers, depending on the consumer financial position as well as on other factors.

Cooperating lenders may be required to make detailed, timely disclosures to the client according to the state laws and Acts, like the Truth in Lending Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. In case the cooperating lender has denied your credit application and the decision is based on the data got from your credit report, you have the right to get a free copy of the credit report from the credit reporting bureau servicing consumers on a nationwide scale within 2 month term. The customer is free to dispute the accurateness or comprehensiveness of any data in a consumer credit report provided by the credit reporting bureau by contacting the organization directly. According to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act the loan providers are prohibited to discriminate the credit applicants on the basis of age (provided the client has come of age to enter into a binding contract), sex, nationality, color, race, way of getting income (in cases when the means are partly got from some public assistance programs) or due to the fact the applicant has in good faith implemented any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

The operator of the present site is not in any way a party to any agreement between the customer and a cooperating lender. The participating lender bears full responsibility for its services to the clients. The operator of the present website does not recommend, advise or guarantee the price, services, availability, rates, or fees of cooperating lenders. Not all participating lenders may offer all loan products, and mortgage loans may not be offered in all states. The states, where the services are provided, may change, without notice from time to time.

This loan matching facility and cooperating lenders’ services are void where prohibited.

Make sure you understand the terms and costs of your loan in full. In case you fail to pay the loan in accordance with its terms, your loan or mortgage provider may charge you additional late or default-related fees and inform the consumer reporting agency (which may influence your credit score in a negative way), or foreclose on your property. The information as to your particular loan terms and costs and the consequences of late or payment default can only be provided by your creditor or mortgage servicer. Please find out all such details from your lender or mortgage servicer directly.

The operator of the present site does not charge any fee for any product or service from the customers. Any compensation received is covered by the cooperating lenders, for lead generation services only. You should not be charged by the loan provider for the delivery of such lead generation services directly, anyhow, cooperating lenders may include the cost of lead generation services into the costs of your loan.