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Terms of Use

Welcome to InterestRatesMortgageLoans.com. The present Terms of Use stand for an agreement made by the Company (hereinafter "Company"), and You (hereinafter "You"), as the user of this website (hereinafter "Site") as to the services provided by the Company’s. This agreement governs Your access to this Site as well as use of it. Make sure you’ve read these Terms of Use in full before starting to use the present Site. By using the Site, You recognize You have read, understood, and agree without limitation to be officially restricted by the present Terms of Use as well as by Company’s Privacy Policy. In case you don’t agree to the present terms, do not turn to this Site or use the Company’s services.

The Services of the Company

The Company is neither a lender nor a mortgage loan provider. The Company should not be treated as an agent, representative or broker thereof (except for the cases specifically provided for in certain states). The Company is only an intermediate through which the interested customers are able to come in contact with a network of self-regulating, licensed third party lenders (hereinafter "Participating Lender(s)"). In other words, the Company helps to connect the consumers interested in mortgage loans and the Participating Lenders. The Company has nothing to do with the mortgage loan applications or credit decisions made as to the mortgage loans. To be able to use the services of the Company, You must agree to the present Terms of Use, Company’s Privacy Policy and Material Disclosures. You should also fill in and submit one or more online forms which require certain personal information. The collection, usage, and distribution of this information is the subject to the present Terms of Use and Company’s Privacy Policy. Any information You provide on the present Site should not be treated as an application for a mortgage loan or any other credit. Using the Company’s services, You agree that Your information can be shared with reliable Participating Lenders which may provide assistance to You as to the mortgage loan inquiry and satisfy Your mortgage request. Participating Lenders are free to make credit checks through reporting bureaus or get consumer reports from alternative providers. A fee equivalent to the cost of such credit check as well as of consumer report or another kind of inquiry may be required by Participating lenders, who establish certain loan underwriting and approval standards of their own. Consequently, the Company can not guarantee that You will be matched with a Participating Lender, You will be provided a mortgage loan quote from, or that You will be included in some kind of particular mortgage loan contract. As soon as You are matched with a Participating Lender, the Company is not a participant in any agreement between the Participating Lender and You. The only party responsible for the services to You is then the Participating Lender. The Company does not recommend, advise, or guarantee the price, services, availability, rates, or fees of Participating Lenders. Not all Participating Lenders may offer all loan products, and mortgage loans may not be offered in all states. Participating Lenders are able to take applications from or offer credit products to the residents of those states where they are licensed or at least authorized to do so through their participation in the network of the Company. The states, where the Company provides services, may change, without notice. The Company’s services, as well as Participating Lenders' offers, are void where prohibited. No fee is charged by the Company for You for any product or service provided. Any reward the Company may obtain is covered by the Participating Lenders, and solely for promotion and marketing services performed. Participating Lenders should not ask for any fee from You for the Company’s marketing services and advertising. Nevertheless, Participating Lenders may include the cost of Company’s services on the terms and costs of Your mortgage loan. Participating Lenders might be required to provide special, timely disclosures to You according to the Truth in Lending Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and other federal and state legislation acts, rules and regulations. In case a Participating Lender rejects Your credit application because of any information got from Your credit check or consumer report, You are able to use the right to get a free copy of Your credit report, within sixty (60) days, from any credit bureau which collects and preserves such reports on a nationwide basis. You can as well dispute the accuracy and comprehensiveness of any data in Your credit report provided by the credit reporting authority by contacting that very agency directly. Make sure you have fully understood the terms and costs of the mortgage loan offered as well as the consequences of failing to cover the loan obligations according to its terms. The terms and costs of mortgage loan products may vary from lender to lender, so only your provider can give you all the information about your specific loan terms, conditions and costs, as well as the consequences of payment default. Please find out all the similar information from Your lender or mortgage servicer directly.

Authorized Use

The Company allows the usage of the present Site and its content only for the personal non-commercial use of the Customers, as provided elsewhere herein and only in the way permitted by law. Any other usage of the Site and its data are strictly prohibited. Such prohibited usage comprises, without limitation, the copy, duplication, sale, or another misuse of any information, use or access to the present Site for any profit-making purpose.

Proprietary Rights

The content, design, structure and composition of this Site are protected by the copyright, trademark, and associated intellectual proprietary right laws of the USA. You do not obtain any proprietorship by or through Your admission to this Site or Company’s services usage. Any reproduction, copy, sale or another misuse of the content, design, structure and composition of this Site is strictly prohibited.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You may use this site and the services of the Company on an "as is" and "as available" basis, acting at your own risk. The company provides no warranties (implied warranties of suitability for a specific purpose and non-infringement, included without limitation), or guarantees, whether direct or indirect, verbal or otherwise. Not limiting the generality of the above mentioned, the Company can not provide a guarantee that her services will meet all your requirements, be uninterrupted, well-timed, safe, or error-free; neither does the Company guarantees that any flaws in the procedure or functionality of the services or associated software will be corrected. The Company can not in any way guarantee any third party’s security and confidentiality protection procedures will be uninterrupted, well-timed, safe, or error-free; and therefor accepts no consequential responsibility. The Company has not studied any third party websites, which may be associated with this Site. So You may use any of such third party websites and products or services only at Your own risk.

Limitation of Liability

In no way should company take responsibility for any typical, direct, indirect, incidental, resulting, extraordinary, or punitive damages coming out of Your use of this site or Company’s services. In accordance with law, the total liability of the Company for any claim resulting from Your Site or Company’s services usage —no matter if it’s in contract, guarantee, strict liability, or otherwise—is only restricted to the amount paid—if any—for Your access to , use of it or the Company’s services.

Third Party Websites

This Site is free to provide links to third party sites. Such links cannot be viewed as a recommendation of such third party sites or any content they include. The third party site links are only provided for the customers’ reference as the Company is not in control of the sites, which belong to the third parties and consequently of their content. So the Company is not in any way responsible for Your usage of such websites and you can access them only at your own risk.

Electronic Notices and Information

The Company, cooperating lenders, real estate companies as well as the third party service providers may deliver the information related to their services and customers’ requests or convey the information about action taken electronically. Notices required by law, including any Federal Truth-in-Lending disclosures, State disclosures, and all the other terms, conditions and privacy policies and documents of the Company, cooperating lenders, service providers or real estate authorities can also be provided electronically. You give your permission to get all up-to-date and future notices, disclosures, data and information, and to cooperate business electronically with the Company, cooperating lenders, service providers, and real estate businesses. So the Company, cooperating lenders, real estate companies and third party service providers may contact you by sending messages to the electronic address you have provided or to any other address which may be associated with you possible to receive from lenders, real estate companies, and third party providers or other parties. You approve that you meet the technical requirements below and it’s possible for you to access electronic information and keep the copies of notes and information provided electronically.

Technical Requirements

To access electronic information we provide to you, you need:
  • 128-bit encryption Internet access
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6 or higher
  • Ability to Print Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • Netscape 8.04 or higher (in IE mode)
  • Email Access or Firefox minimum version 1.5
You are free to request any papers or information in non-electronic form and to withdraw your permission to electronic delivery any moment by contacting our Customer Service via email.

Disputes; Choice of Law; Venue

Any dispute which may be a result of Your usage of this Site, or the services of the Company, should be governed by the current legislation without resulting into to any preference of law or contradictions of law rules or provisions. In case such a dispute arises the Company explicitly reserves the right to demand the submission of the dispute for binding resolution before a solitary authority under the current regulations of the American Arbitration Association in a locality suitable for You. You give Your asset that thirty (30) days are allowed from the moment that Your information has been provided to opt-out of the arbitration agreement. The judge does not have any power to compensate any damages exceeding the compensatory damages’ actual amount, or the right to increase any of the real damages called for. Besides, the arbitrator is prohibited from compensation for any accidental, consequential, extraordinary, typical, or punitive damages, and You are prohibited to provide claims involving these forbidden damages. Any award should be final and definite, and the decision thereon may be passed in any court of competent jurisdiction. The Company might, on her own initiative, choose to file an action in any court of competent jurisdiction. In case the alternative dispute resolution endowment restricted herein is void or cannot apply for any reason, or if any lawsuit which sets in between You and the Company, any lawful claim caused by Your usage of this Site, or the Company’s services, is due to be brought in the federal or state court of law. Nevertheless if any appropriate law or act contradicts to the contrary, You give your asset that any claim caused by Your usage of this Site, Company’s services, should be dealt with within one year after the reason of action has been set in, if not such claim or cause of action is barred forever.

Export Control

None of the products, no services, or essential software of the present Site can be downloaded or exported in any other way: (a) to Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or another country to which the USA has embargoed goods as well as to a national resident of such countries; or, (b) to any person on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce Department’s Table of Denial Orders (each, a "Restricted List"). As soon as you use the Company’s services, You guarantee not being located in or under the control of any such country or being a national resident of any of them, or being included in any Restricted List.


You give your asset to insure and hold the Company, its parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries, and every their respective members, officers, managers, personnel, agents, co-branders and/or other associates, harmless from and against any and all legal responsibility, harm, damages, expenses (attorneys’ fees included), claims, suits, and proceedings caused by or related to: (a) Your usage of the present Site or the services of the Company; (b) Your breach of the current Terms of Use; and/or (c) any argument concerning You and any third party. The requirements of the present item are for the advantage of the Company, its parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries, and every their respective members, officers, managers, personnel, agents, co-branders and/or other associates. All these personalities or bodies should have the right to assert and implement the provision against You directly on its own behalf.

Entire Arrangement

The present Terms of Use regulate the entire understanding and settlement between You and the Company according to the subject matter hereof, and overtakes any and all previous or concurrent agreements. The Company’s failure to carry out any item of the present Terms of Use should not be considered a disclaimer of such provision nor of the right to put such provision into effect.


The Company reserves the right to alter the present Terms of Use or any extra terms which are applicable to the Site or Company’s services. The Company will publish a notice of each and any such changes in a clear and conspicuous manner to the present Terms of Use and wherever else the Company may consider correct. All such alterations should take effect instantaneously. In case You disagree to any such adjustments, do not proceed with this Site or Company’s services.


The inability of the Company to put in force any provision of the present Terms of Use, or to carry out any right outlined here, cannot in any way be considered as a disclaimer of this right or the capability to implement any of the terms and conditions enclosed here. If any provision contained in the present Terms of Use is admitted to be void, unlawful, or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law, then that very provision should be detached and the remaining provisions of the present Terms of Use should remain in full force and effect.


The titles for sections provided herein are for Your convenience only and should not influence the meaning of the provisions of the present Terms of Use.